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The creative world of Phuong

12 August 1987
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WELCOME! My name is Phuong. It's pronounced F-O-N-G and if you pronouce it any other way, I'll probably tell you to shove it. Unless I'm in a good mood, which I usually am. I've been breathing for 19 years. Vietnamese and proud! Oh I can speak both english and viet well. Brownie points for me I know. I'm usually laid back unless something irritates me. I work at the Disney Store. I love it, until I get a fucktard fussing at me for something I didn't do. Or I hear kids screaming because they didn't get what they want. I love being silly. I care for my friends, they mean the world to me. Fuck with them & you fuck with me. You can usually find me on the streets with a huge smile on my face. Laughter is my medicine. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. But be a bitch and I'll fucking be one too. However, I do love meeting new people so don't be afraid to talk to me! I don't bite I promise...well..maybe just a nibble. I always like to help people, that's who I am. I give more than I take. Love me or hate me, take your pick. I don't care. So now that you know a little bit about me...what are you waiting for? Talk to me!


OH And also I have an icon community *squee*. I have some amazing people in it and it would mean a lot of you would come and look at my work and theirs. Check out yay4graphics if any of you have the chance. It's member's only because some people are just fucktards but it only takes 3 seconds to join the place. It'll be worth it I swear! Also if you ever want to be an affiliate just let me know!
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caripin-Phuong is a model! She's very photogenic, down-to-earth & honest & makes AMAZING arts. She's real. Someone I would say I can trust.PS:She's hotter than you k? K :P
assgrabber5-Phuong you are such a trustworthy person. You're always there when your friends need you the most. You're also a very sweet person, you're willing to do anything to help a friend in need. You're very foward. You just get to the point, you don't beat around the bush and that's what I love about you! You're not afraid to speak your mind. I'm really glad to have you in my life dude, you're AWESOME! If you all don't have a Phuong in your life, you're missing out on something pretty amazing.
tigre86-We may have met through fandom, but I think our friendship of sorts goes past that. When I'm feeling low and like no one understands me, you always manage to show me just how wrong I am since you've been there too. It's good to have someone like that on my list and I'm glad we're friends. <3
peaceolgy-Phuong is one of the sweetest, most caring people I've met through lj. She's always there when you need someone to cheer you up or make you laugh. Her advice is always wonderful, and I appreciate all of it! Anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend.
phoenyx4-Phuong is Vietnamese hotness with an American accent!
mylittlebox-I wuvs Phuongface. She gives me Stitches and makes me laugh. She looks like a really hot version of the Grudge girl. With massive funbags.
cheerybear84-Phuong, you are awesome. Even though we do not get a chance to talk much you always understand what I am going through and were always able to give me some good perspective. You are a wise, smart and beautiful phuong. Dont ever change who you are :) *hugs*
kumfumbled-I don't know Phuong outside the internet world, but I can tell you that she's a really sweet and friendly girl. She's really funny most times, too! Don't fall for her innocent Viet-American front, Phuong's WILDDD! :D But really, she's just real down-to-earth and cool. *bearhug*
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